Prevent RAS

What is RAS?
Redundant Acronym Syndrome (RAS)

How prevalent is RAS?
RAS is a disease that it reaching epidemic proportions in today’s society. With the common use of and sharing of acronyms, RAS is spreading rapidly. Action must be taken now to prevent RAS and stop it from progressing into its second and third stage in those already infected.

What are the symptoms of RAS?
Symptoms of RAS include, but are not limited to, frequent use of redundant acronyms

How is RAS Spread?
RAS is a highly contagious airborne virus, it is easily spread from person to person, no physical contact is necessary! RAS can even be spread to people in large groups, usually during meetings and especially sales or motivational meetings. RAS is usually spread by the chief speaker in a conversation, meeting, or classroom setting using redundant acronyms. The person spreading the disease is usually deemed an expert in the subject they are talking about. The “expert” incorrectly uses an acronym and then the person or people they are talking to pick up the incorrect use and spread it to others.

Who can catch RAS?
Anyone can catch RAS, but the following people/groups are most susceptible:

  • Sales People
  • Management
  • Motivational Speakers

What are the stages of RAS?
RAS has three stages:

  • Stage 1: Marked by the use of acronyms and one word contained in the acronym (I.E. RAS Syndrome)
  • Stage 2: Marked by the use of acronyms and two words contained in the acronym (I.E. Redundant RAS Syndrome)
  • Stage 3: Marked by almost every acronym being used incorrectly.

How can I prevent the spread of RAS?
Only through proper acronym education can RAS be prevented. The more people educated about RAS, the less prevalent the disease will become. Once you are properly educated about RAS, you can help prevent the disease by educating others. Please do your part to prevent the spread of this horrible disease.