Welcome to the Acronym Police

In today’s busy society, acronym use is becoming more and more common. Acronyms are a time saving tool for both busy and lazy people. No longer is it necessary to say Internal Revenue Service, you can simply say IRS, or RADAR instead of Radio Detection and Ranging. What a time saver!

Unfortunately, as with all good time saving inventions comes the inevitable abuse and misuse of that tool. Recently, abuse of acronyms has reached a point where something had to be done. To fight acronym abuse and prevent the growing epidemic of Redundant Acronym Syndrome (RAS), the Acronym Police was formed.

Please do your part to prevent acronym abuse. Familiarize yourself with proper acronym usage by reviewing the acronym reference on this site. When you see acronym abuse on the internet, please report it to us using the report abuse link.

With your help, we can stop acronym abuse!